AI – 20

Computer speakers to play music whether or not the quality of hearing can not satisfy your requirements? oBravo AI-20, replacing low-cost computer with speakers to listen to music, the expense of music quality dilemma, choose to have your ears amazing.
In order to streamline the player can immediately put the mini size, can better the performance of excellent quality Yang.

One of the best PC 2.0 Speaker in the world with the Hi-Fi class components –

  1. Ribbon Tweeter
  2. High speed Middle range driver to guarantee the top class music reproduction with cost balanced offer.
Dimensions 102 x 182 x 190 mm/each
Weight 3.0kg/set
Color by Order
Power Output 10W x 2 , 4 ohm
Input Sensibility 100 mV
THD 0.10%
Frequency Response 15Hz ~ 20KHz
 Channel Separation  50 dB
 Material  MDF
 Tweeter  Ribbon Tweeter
Middle Range Driver  82.55mm
Speaker Box Design  Bass Reflex
Sensibility in dB/1W/1m  86 dB
 Normal Impedance in ohms  4 ohm